Welcome to Parnells Cafe Gallery and Garden Art. You will enjoy the most delicious array of food there. Choose from the menu board or the display available in the cabinet.

The Coffee is great, in fact an experience. And for another experience try the Gellicious Gelato.There are also many options for non coffee drinkers, Smoothies shakes and a large selection of cold drinks including a wine or a beer.

Mojo Coffee

Coffee is delivered regularly from Mojo, out of Shed 13 on the Quay in Wellington. From there Mojo trace the beans back to the Plantations making every endeavour to work with as many farmers, milling companies and exporters at origin as they can to ensure farmers are getting a fair deal, that the labour practices are fair and equitable, that ecological sustainability programs are in place and that we can guarantee supply of quality coffee that you expect from Mojo

The Gelato we serve at Parnells is a high quality product served and delivered to you with exceptional service.

Gelato - www.kaffeeeis.co.nzBasically there are 2 sorts of Gelato. There are the milk based flavours to try, full rich and delicious. You just want more each time you visit. Even though this one is milk based it has lower fat content than ordinary icecream.

The flavours include Chocolate, Vanilla Bean, Panacotta (Baked cream), Caramel,
Cinnamon, Maple Walnut, Grand Marnier (Range Liquer), Cafe Expresseo, Malaga (rum & raisin), White Chocolate, Pecan, Tiramisu, Sorisso (chocolate hazelnut), Gingernut, Banana, Cassata (glazed fruit), After eight (chocolate chip mint), Biscotti (cookies and cream) and more.


The Sorbettos
Sorbettos are water based gelatos, 99% fat free and contain up to 38% real fruit. They do include a tiny amount of milk protein. They are just so refreshing. Some of the popular flavours include Strawberry, Raspberry, Mango, Blueberry, Pineapple, Green Apple, Passion Fruit, Boysenberry, Watermelon, Mixed Berry, Lemon, Rock Melon and Feijoa.

Flavours on offer are varied regularly governed by their popularity.
All there for you to try on your next visit to Parnells